Say cheese!

People often ask me questions such as:

• What age groups do you speak to?

Elementary, Middle and High School students.  Adults and Families too!


• What types of conferences do you speak at?

Law enforcement, Crime Prevention, Educational and Corporate.


• Which industries have you done customer service & hospitality motivational speaking for?

Restaurant, Lodging and Airline companies.


• We don't have a DARE program. Can we still bring you to speak at our school?


Yes! I am a  Presenter who has programs that feature a variety of themes!
I'm willing to adapt my program to suit your audience in topics and age appropriateness.


• How much are your appearances?

Please contact me for questions regarding fees.


• What do you use on your hair?

Paul Mitchell, Fat Hair and Bed Head products


• What watch are you wearing?

1957 Hamilton Ventura


• What brand of tennis shoes do you wear on stage?

Chucks with flames


• What casual shoes do you wear?



• What kind of car do you drive most of the time?

My VW Beetle with custom flames!


• What kind of sunglasses are you wearing?

Ray-Ban Wayfarers


• How long does it take to do your hair?

1 hour

What's your favorite food?

A variety! I eat healthy.


• Where do you live?

Southern California


• What's your favorite music?

The Chairman, The King, The Beatles


• Who is your favorite actor?

John Wayne


• Who is your favorite actress?

Diane Keaton


• Who is your favorite superhero?



• What are your favorite comic strips?

Peanuts and Calvin & Hobbes


• Who are your favorite artists?

Rockwell, Oldenburg, Remington, Warhol, Lichtenstein and Van Gogh


• Who are your favorite architects?

Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gerhy, Antoni Gaudí and Joseph Eichler


• Who are your personal heroes?

My Dad, Mom and Walt Disney


• What are your favorite movies?

American Graffiti, The Cowboys, The Right Stuff, Mary Poppins, Tucker,
Gandhi, Star Wars, Singin' in the Rain, Superman, Close Encounters of the Third Kind
and many, many others...


• What are your favorite television shows?

Magnum P.I., Biography, Gene Simmons Family Jewels and The Rockford Files


• What do you like to do during your free time?



• Where is your favorite place to go?

The Happiest Place on Earth!


• Who's your favorite President?

George Washington


• What are your favorite colors?

Red, white, and blue.

• What is your motto?

"Make everywhere you go a better place because YOU were there!"

More questions and answers to follow.

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