August 1, 2008

Bill Russ Productions, Inc.
269 South Beverly Drive
Suite 557
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the good fortune of being RETRO BILL's friend for 10 years.  I am honored to call him a friend,
and consider him to be an inspiration to me personally and professionally.

For the last ten years RETRO BILL has traversed the landscape of America over 300 days each year.  His
uplifting, inspiring and entertaining messages have been heard and seen by MILLIONS of school-aged
children from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Kids are the most discriminating audience on the planet.  Having "been there or done that," it is impossible for
them to accept anything that is not entertaining, fresh and REAL.  School children have spoken loudly, and to them,
RETRO BILL is the "real deal!"

I personally believe that RETRO BILL is poised to be the "21st Century's Mr. Rogers."  Children know RETRO BILL
is the next BIG THING, in fact, they stand in line just for a chance to get an autograph and some inspiration from this amazing man who is a morph between the young Elvis, Jimmy Neutron and a supercharged motivational speaker!

Children K-12 have animation, video game and school assembly fatigue. They are primed to relate to a real person who knows what it's like to have fun, yet have fears and real concerns. RETRO BILL encourages students to be brave when faced with the choice to make a wrong or harmful decision verses a smart and safe one. "What goes around comes around and good gets you good," RETRO BILL says, and kids are listening!

Quintessentially cool, without an intimidating bone in his body, RETRO BILL powerfully educates, informs and motivates while entertaining children of all ages (and their parents too)!  Moms and Dads relate to his 50's flair and kids relate to RETRO BILL's "cool factor." With his eye-catching wardrobe, Elvis-inspired hair, an amazing use of vocalized sound effects and a suitcase filled with props such as a Hula-Hoop, Mr. Potato Head, a rubber chicken, a blender and safety cones, an appearance by RETRO BILL at any event is one that will be remembered and appreciated by ALL who have the opportunity to see this super-charged kids Hero in action!

RETRO BILL's legion of fans anxiously await his next appearance, and hopefully soon, a "RETRO BILL Television Show!"

"Right on!"

Leeza Gibbons
President, Leeza Gibbons Enterprises, Inc.