Programs available for Elementary, Middle and High Schools!

The Retro Bill Show is in its 13th year of live
appearances and is currently the most in-demand Kindergarten through 12th grade Assembly Program
in the United States and Canada. On the road over 300 days a year, RETRO BILL speaks to over 1 MILLION
American and Canadian school children annually!

Retro Bill adapts his presentation
(in topic and delivery)
to be age-appropriate for the
audience he speaks to.
(Contact me for program length, availability and costs)

Elementary, Middle
and High School
presentations are available,
as are the very popular

Retro Bill teaches kids K-12 the Six Pillars of Character.
(Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship)
He boosts students self-esteem while celebrating diversity and encouraging
goal-setting, good grades and making safe choices at school, home and on the internet.

Retro Bill is also highly in demand for his anti-bullying/conflict-resolution and
anti-drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse presentations.


Retro Bill is an Official Red Ribbon Week Assembly Performer


As an official Read Across America Buddy,
Retro Bill encourages students of all ages to read!


The Retro Bill Show has been seen live at
school gymnasiums, cafeterias and auditoriums, as well as
city malls, local theaters, civic centers, city parks,
outdoor amphitheaters, college stadiums, churches
 and military bases!


No audience is too big or too small...

...and no location is too far away!


Props, sound effects, humor and authentic passion make a RETRO BILL live
appearance inspiring, informative and entertaining for all ages!


The Retro Bill Show has received endorsements and acclaim from
School Superintendents, Principals, Teachers, Parents, PTA & PTOs,
and Law Enforcement Officers worldwide.


Each student attending a
Retro Bill Show
receives a complimentary
Retro Bill Ticket and
Limited Edition Trading Card.

A Retro Bill
Limited Edition Trading Card
is a perfect keep-sake
for students to hold on to,
reminding them of
Retro Bill's empowering and
 informative messages.

The back of each Retro Bill Trading Card
contains valuable safety & self-esteem boosting tips
presented by Retro Bill during his live show!

The Retro Bill Ticket reminds students that
if they do not give their "ticket" to someone,
they do not give anyone
"permission" to put them down!

Never give your "ticket" to anyone!

The Retro Bill Family Show is a
"Family Values" themed program that includes
positive messaging for Parents, Children and Grandparents alike
Children are encouraged to listen to their parents, grandparents and teachers,
and seek them out for advice. Parents are shown creative ways to connect with their children
and are also encouraged to be role models for their kids by setting a good example!


The Retro Bill Family Show is ideal for
an evening program at a school, civic center,
church, or any other community venue.

RETRO BILL is praised by media for his efforts on behalf
of youth throughout North America

Below are the many topics and themes covered by The Retro Bill Show:
(Retro Bill program topics and themes can be specifically tailored to meet your school or event needs)

Six Pillars of Character

Bullying, teasing, gossip



Problem solving and conflict resolution


Following directions & obeying the rules


Appropriate school and school bus behavior

Playground behavior

Lunchroom behavior

Choosing a good "circle of friends"

School drop-off and pick-up safety

The dangers of illegal & prescription drugs

Celebrating diversity

The importance of school and setting goals

Doing your homework

Get permission first from your adult guardian

Character Counts



Good citizenship

Listen to your Parents & Teachers

The dangers of strangers

Protecting the environment

What to do in an emergency

What to do when you're lost

The danger of guns and other weapons

Why street gangs are bad

The dangers of alcohol, tobacco and drugs

Dealing with anger & frustration in a positive way

Positive alternatives to harmful things

The importance of making healthy choices

Telling a responsible adult about a problem

Police Officers are your friends

And many, many more…


Retro Bill is available as a Host, Keynote Speaker or Master of Ceremony for many events, including Law Enforcement Training Conferences, Crime Prevention Conferences, Educational Conferences, Community Family Events, Classic Car Shows, Summer Festivals, Fairs, Amusement Parks, Youth-related Events, Corporate Events, and any other function that appeals to young and old alike.

Retro Bill touches hearts and minds with his sincerity. He captivates his audience with endless energy while encouraging children to pursue their BIGGEST dreams and inspiring adults to be supportive role models!

Retro Bill has dedicated his life to helping make the world a better place!


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