Using a Hula Hoop,
Retro Bill teaches children
“what goes around comes around.”

Retro Bill takes the town by storm!


            Jim Carrey, step aside. There’s a new dude on the scene that’s changing the lives of children everywhere and he’s about to give you a run for your money.

            Part comedian, part actor, Retro Bill made an appearance in Rockford, Michigan last week to promote safety and self-esteem at Valley View and Crestwood Elementary schools. As for money,
he laid out $250,000 of his own money to produce an Award-Winning, anti-drug and safety video which he donated to the nation’s D.A.R.E. program. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)

            A blast from the past right out of the 1950’s, Retro Bill’s live performances are as inspirational as they are energetic, with a few antics tossed in to keep the crowd on their toes.

            “Big hair and all, Retro Bill captured the students’ attention right from the start with Elvis Presley music playing as they entered the gym,” said Valley View Principal, Bob Siegel, who was just as
surprised by an unexpected spray of Silly String.

            Siegel felt, “This Hollywood resident shared some very important messages with the children in an engaging fashion, with props and an athletic flair.”

            Retro Bill spoke on being yourself and following your dreams, by sharing a personal story- of how when he was a little boy in Illinois, he dreamed of doing exactly what he’s doing now - traveling the country, encouraging kids to make the right choices.

            Retro Bill talked about working hard at school to get ahead in life, which he illustrated with a Hula Hoop and the familiar phrase, “what goes around comes around.” He also talked about how treating others well would help each of them move forward and that bullying moves you back.

            “From my perspective, Retro Bill’s message hit a chord with our kids because of his approach… fun, mixed with a serious tone about life skills,” added Siegel.

            Comments from fourth graders in Mrs. Helsen’s class attest to that:

            “The assembly was great and Retro Bill was awesome!”
                                                                                                -Sam Dick

            “I like Retro Bill because he’s funny and he taught us about safety.”
                                                                                                -Taylor Downs

            “Retro Bill is very cool because he told us how to capture your
dreams and not do drugs.”
                                                                                                -Josh Bell

            “Retro Bill is a great role model. Seeing him was a great experience!”
                                                                                                -Shelby Blackmore

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