A thumbs up to Cirque du Soleil!


Ballooning over Arizona

Flying over Red Rock Country in Sedona, AZ


The "GoldLeaf" Experience aboard the Rocky Mountaineer, from Calgary to Vancouver

A visit to Mister Rogers Neighborhood


George Washington's Mount Vernon

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater

Admiring the birds with St. Francis

The World's Largest Dresser located in High Point, NC

Checking out a polar bear in Northern Ontario, Canada, eh?!

Visiting the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, OH

Aloha! Surf's up in Hawaii

When dinosaurs ruled the Earth...

Thumbs up, DARE graduates worldwide!

"May The Force Be With You"

Thumbs up, NASA!

The view from George Washington's head at the top of Mt. Rushmore

Paying my respects to the Presidents in Rapid City, SD

"Hitsville" - Motown, USA

A visit to the Andy Warhol Museum

"I've got bowling balls in my yard!"


Kickin' it in Northern Ontario, Canada



"My wheels"

"Support your local law enforcement!"



Greeting my elementary, middle and high school fans!

Signing autographs...


My fans do the coolest things!


I love the USA!


I love Canada!


The Pompadour

'57 Hamilton Ventura watch and a pair of flame emblazoned Chuck's

Appearing on television and radio programs


Thanks and respect to our troops for getting me safely to my shows!

Random fun!

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